• “Zero” dependency of communities on forest resources

  • Increased wildlife populations due to increased green cover

  • Economic benefits through ecologically mindful livelihoods

  • Reduced Man-Animal conflict

Conservation Wildlands Trust is a philanthropic initiative with a mission to protect in perpetuity sensitive habitats by engaging and educating local communities as custodians of their natural environment.

The trust aims to spearhead the management of wildernesses by protecting wildlife and preserving the physical and geographical habitat around the Pench Tiger Reserve in perpetuity through community participation.

Wildlife conservation cannot be done in isolation. Great successes have been witnessed around the world when communities, governments and organizations come together for the higher objective of ecological wellness. The trust intends to create a symbiotic relation between the communities and wildlife by involving communities surrounding the Pench Tiger Reserve in lucrative conservation and sustainable practices, thus changing the popular opinion of wildlife conservation being a hindrance to progress rather than an avenue of prosperity encircled by a wealth of environmental advantages.


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